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May 2021

Welcome to the Publication Newsletter

Each month, dozens of peer reviewed papers are published using Thermo-Calc Software products. These papers demonstrate the wide variety of applications and interesting work that is being done with our tools. This is a sampling of some of the interesting papers that have been published in the last three months. We hope this is a useful resource for your work.   

Aluminium Alloys

On the long-term aging of S-phase in aluminum alloy 2618A
Christian Rockenhäuser, Christian Rowolt, Benjamin Milkereit, Reza Darvishi Kamachali, Olaf Kessler, and Birgit Skrotzki
Journal of Materials Science

Effects of Fe, Mn, chemical grain refinement and cooling rate on the evolution of Fe intermetallics in a model 6082 Al-alloy
M.H. Khan, A. Das, Z. Li, and H.R. Kotadia

Ag-containing aluminum-silicon alloys as an alternative for as-cast components of electric vehicles 
Leonardo Fernandes Gomes, Bismarck Luiz Silva, Paulo Sérgio da Silva Jr, Amauri Garcia, and José Eduardo Spinelli
Materials Research Express

Copper Alloys

Effect of temperature history on thermal properties of additively manufactured C-18150 alloy samples
Congyuan Zeng, Hao Wen, Benjamin C. Bernard, Jonathan R. Raush, Paul R. Gradl, Michael Khonsari, and S.M. Guo
Manufacturing Letters

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High Entropy Alloys

Design of TiVNb-(Cr, Ni or Co) multicomponent alloys with the same valence electron concentration for hydrogen storage
Bruno Hessel Silva, Claudia Zlotea, Yannick Champion, Walter José Botta, and Guilherme Zepon
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Experimental and theoretical investigations on the phase stability and mechanical properties of Cr7Mn25Co9Ni23Cu36 high-entropy alloy
Gang Qin, Ruirun Chen, Huahai Mao, Yan Yan, Xiaojie Li, Stephan Schönecker, Levente Vitos, and Xiaoqing Li
Acta Materialia

Revealing high-fidelity phase selection rules for high entropy alloys: A combined CALPHAD and machine learning study
Yingzhi Zeng, Mengren Man, Kewu Bai, and Yong-Wei Zhang
Materials & Design

Accelerated Design of Eutectic High Entropy Alloys by ICME Approach
Naishalkumar Shah, M. R. Rahul, and Gandham Phanikumar
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Magnesium Alloys

Development of Mg–Zn–Y–Zr casting magnesium alloy with high thermal conductivity
V. E. Bazhenov, A.V. Koltygin, M.C. Sung, S.H. Park, Yu.V. Tselovalnik, A.A. Stepashkin, A.A. Rizhsky, M.V. Belov, V.D. Belov, and K.V. Malyutin
Journal of Magnesium and Alloys

The high-temperature oxidation resistance properties of magnesium alloys alloyed with Gd and Ca
Jiajia Wu, Yuan Yuan, Xiaowen Yu, Tao Chen, Dajian Li, Liang Wu, Bin Jiang, Andrej Atrens, and Fusheng Pan
Journal of Materials Science


Qualification pathways for additively manufactured components for nuclear applications
C. Hensley, K. Sisco, S. Beauchamp, A. Godfrey, H. Rezayat, T. McFalls, D. Galicki, F. List III, K. Carver, C. Stover, D.W. Gandy, and S.S. Babu
Journal of Nuclear Materials

Rapid alloy prototyping for strip steel development: DP800 steel case study
Y. Zhu, C. Slater, S. Connolly, D. Farrugia, and C. Davis
Ironmaking & Steelmaking

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering-Based Simulation of Detrimental Precipitates in Power Plant Steel Weld
G.K. Priya, M.J. Deepu, P. Venkatesh, and G. Phanikumar
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Grain Size Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Nb, V–Nb, and Ti–Nb Boron Type S1100QL Steels
Jan Foder, Jaka Burja, and Grega Klančnik

Onset of the degradation of CVD α-Al2O3 coating during turning of Ca-treated steels
Axel Bjerke, Andrii Hrechuk, Filip Lenrick, Rachid M'Saoubi, Henrik Larsson, Andreas Markström, Thomas Björk, Susanne Norgren, Jan-Eric Ståhl, and Volodymyr Bushlya

Austenite formation and cementite dissolution during intercritical annealing of a medium-manganese steel from a martensitic condition
J.J. Mueller, X. Hu, X. Sun, Y. Ren, K. Choi, E. Barker, J.G. Speer, D.K. Matlock, E. De Moor
Materials & Design

Integration of Processing and Microstructure Models for Non-Equilibrium Solidification in Additive Manufacturing
Noah Sargent, Mason Jones, Richard Otis, Andrew A. Shapiro, Jean-Pierre Delplanque, and Wei Xiong

Super Alloys

Weldability Evaluation of Alloy 718 Investment Castings with Different Si Contents and Thermal Stories and Hot Cracking Mechanism in Their Laser Beam Welds
Pedro Álvarez, Alberto Cobos, Lexuri Vázquez, Noelia Ruiz, Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, Ana Magaña, Andrea Niklas, and Fernando Santos

Physical and thermodynamic simulations of gamma-prime precipitation in Haynes ® 282® using arc heat treatment
Kevin Vattappara, Vahid A Hosseini, Ceena Joseph, Fabian Hanning, and Joel Andersson
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel-based superalloy fabricated by laser powder-bed fusion using recycled powders
De-cheng Kong, Chao-fang Dong, Xiao-qing Ni, Liang Zhang, Rui-xue Li, Xing He, Cheng Man, and Xiao-gang Li
International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

Titanium Alloys

Novel approach of alloy design and selection for additive manufacturing towards targeted applications
M.A. Ackers, O.M.D.M. Messé, and U. Hecht
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

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