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Publication Newsletter

February 2021

Welcome to the Publication Newsletter

Each month, dozens of peer reviewed papers are published using Thermo-Calc Software products. These papers demonstrate the wide variety of applications and interesting work that is being done with our tools. This is a sampling of some of the interesting papers that have been published in the last three months. We hope this is a useful resource for your work.   

Aluminium Alloys

Investigation of Solidification and Precipitation Behavior of Si-Modified 7075 Aluminum Alloy Fabricated by Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion
Guichuan Li, Suraj Dinkar Jadhav, Arturo Martín, Maria L. Montero-Sistiaga, Jeroen Soete, Maria San Sebastian, Carmen M. Cepeda-Jiménez, and Kim Vanmeensel
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Selection of compatible metallic phase change materials and containers for thermal storage applications
Anthony Joseph Rawson, Werner Kraft, Tina Gläsel, and Florian Kargl 
Journal of Energy Storage

Development of a Novel High-Temperature Al Alloy for Laser Powder Bed Fusion 
Filippo Belelli, Riccardo Casati, Martina Riccio, Alessandro Rizzi, Mevlüt Y. Kayacan, and Maurizio Vedani

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High Entropy Alloys

Predictive analytical modelling and experimental validation of processing maps in additive manufacturing of nitinol alloys
Jia-Ning Zhu, Evgenii Borisov, Xiaohui Liang, Eduard Farber, M.J.M. Hermans, and V.A. Popovich. 
Additive Manufacturing

Reducing hot tearing by grain boundary segregation engineering in additive manufacturing: example of an AlxCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy
Zhongji Sun, Xipeng Tan, Chengcheng Wang, Marion Descoins, Dominique Mangelinck, Shu Beng Tor, Eric A. Jägle, Stefan Zaefferer, and Dierk Raabe
Acta Materialia


Use of DICTRA® simulations to support carbide particle growth study in NbC-Ni cemented carbide
Luara da Costa Morais, Flavio Beneduce, Rodrigo Magnabosco, and Tiago Ramos Ribeiro 
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

Promoting Austenite Formation in Laser Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel—Impact of Shielding Gas and Laser Reheating
Amir Baghdadchi, Vahid A. Hosseini, Kjell Hurtig, and Leif Karlsson
Welding in the World

Microstructure analysis of novel LPBF-processed duplex stainless steels correlated to their mechanical and corrosion properties
Marie Luise Köhler, Johannes Kunz, Simone Herzog, Anke Kaletsch, and Christoph Broeckmann
Materials Science and Engineering: A

Super Alloys

Simulations of Non-Equilibrium and Equilibrium Segregation in Nickel-Based Superalloy Using Modified Scheil-Gulliver and Phase-Field Methods
Masayuki Okugawa, Daichi Izumikawa, and Yuichiro Koizumi 

Additively manufactured oxide dispersion strengthened nickel-based superalloy with superior high temperature properties
Liming Tan, Guowei Wang, Yu Guo, Qihong Fang, Zecheng Liu, Xiangyou Xiao, Wuqiang He, Zijun Qin, Yong Zhang, Feng Liu, and Lan Huang
Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Titanium Alloys

Discovery of New Ti-Based Alloys Aimed at Avoiding/Minimizing Formation of α” and ω-Phase Using CALPHAD and Artificial Intelligence
Rajesh Jha and George S. Dulikravich

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