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December 2020

In this issue:

Season's Greetings

2020 was a unique and challenging year in many ways, but with the challenges came new opportunities and areas for growth. We would like to thank all of our users, employees, and agents around the world for the support and patience during these times and for making 2020 another great year in spite of it all. 

Even through all of the challenges of the year, we released two new versions of Thermo-Calc in 2020 with a total of 25 new and updated databases, the introduction of the first thermophysical properties to several databases, a new framework for users to develop Property Models, and much more. 

We also offered our first online training courses this year and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Based on this reception, we will continue to offer online training even after we are able to travel again. 

This year we were able to provide individual licenses to users working from home. We hope this helped ease the transition for many of you and we look forward to continuing to support our users in the coming year, whatever it may bring. 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a very happy New Year from all of us in the Thermo-Calc Software team. 

Thermo-Calc 2021a Available Now

Thermo-Calc 2021a is released in December 2020 with 16 new and updated databases, six new Property Models including for Bainite and Crack Susceptibility, a new framework for users to develop their own Property Models using TC-Python, and much more.

Users who have a current Maintenance and Support Subscription should be receiving an email with their new license soon. 

Read about Thermo-Calc 2021a Release


New Subsidiary in Korea

Thermo-Calc Software opened a subsidiary in Seoul, Korea, in October to better serve the needs of the fast growing Korean market. The new subsidiary is called Thermo-Calc Software Korea LLC, and the office is led by long-time Thermo-Calc Software sales agent, John Park. All new and existing customers in Korea will be supported out of this new office. We welcome Mr. Park to the Thermo-Calc Software team and look forward to better serving the needs of our users in Korea.

Image: John Park, Managing Director, Thermo-Calc Software Korea LLC

Learn More about the Korea Office

Online Training Courses in February

Thermo-Calc Software will offer a series of online training courses this February for Thermo-Calc, the Diffusion Module (DICTRA), the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), and TC-Python. All courses will be taught virtually from Stockholm, Sweden, and all courses are taught in English. Participants are welcome to attend one, two, three, or all four courses. 

Learn More about the Online Courses

New Bainite Model

Thermo-Calc 2021a introduces a Bainite Model for the Steel Model Library. The Bainite Model describes the thermodynamics and isothermal kinetics of bainite transformation from austenite. This Model can calculate bainite start temperature, transformation times, bainite plate lengthening rate, and phase constitution at the final state.


Learn about the Bainite Models

Five New Property Models

This release includes five new Property Models, in addition to the new Bainite Model. Each of the Models includes an example demonstrating how to use the Model.

  • Crack Susceptibility Coefficient Model  
  • T-Zero Temperature Model 
  • Spinodal Model 
  • Equilibrium with Freeze-in Temperature
  • Critical Transformation Temperature for Steels 

Learn about the New Models

New Framework for Developing Property Models

Thermo-Calc 2021a introduces a new way for users to develop Property Models using TC-Python. The framework offers many features to assist in model development such as easy debugging and automatic integration into the Thermo-Calc Graphical Mode. The framework also allows users to use any python library, such as numpy, scipy, or scikit-learn, within the Property Models, making model development quite powerful.

Learn More about the New Framework

Process Metallurgy Module Improvements for VOD

The Process Metallurgy Module for steel and slag now allows users to change the pressure and reaction kinetics in the process schedule, valuable features for vacuum degassing processes. The Module also receives several other improvements in this release as well as an in-depth write up describing an application of the VOD improvements. 

Learn about the Process Metallurgy Module Improvements

Diffusion Module (DICTRA) Allows Pausing for Boundary Conditions

Users can now pause Diffusion Module (DICTRA) simulations in the Graphical Mode to change left and right boundary conditions then resume the calculation. This is useful, for example, when you want to simulate carburization because it is common to first have a step with high carbon activity in the furnace for the actual carburization and then lower it and allow the carbon in the specimen to diffuse without further increased carbon content.

Learn about the Diffusion Module Improvements

New Editor for User-Developed Databases

For advanced users who develop their own databases, a new database editing tool is introduced in Thermo-Calc 2021a, the TDB Editor. This tool speeds up the database editing process by providing immediate feedback through syntax coloring (1), syntax checking (2), and by allowing formatting (3) and easy navigation to items of interest in the TDB file.

Learn about the TDB Editor

Sixteen New and Updated Databases

The Thermo-Calc 2021a release includes nine new and seven updated databases, as listed below. 

New Databases

  • TCMG6 - Mg-based Alloys Database
  • MOBMG2 - Mg-based Alloys Mobility Database
  • TCFE11 - Steel and Fe-alloys Database
  • MOBFE6 - steel and Fe-alloys Mobility Database
  • TCTI3 - Ti- and TiAl-alloys Database
  • MOBTI4 - Ti- and TiAl-alloys Mobility Database
  • MOBAL6 - Al-based Alloys Mobility Database
  • Mephista-19 - Nuclear Fuels Database
  • NUCLEA-19 - Nuclear Reactor Circumstances Database

Updated Databases

  • TCHEA4.2 - High Entropy Alloys Database
  • TCOX10.1 - Metal Oxide Solutions Database
  • SALT1.3 - Molten Salts Database
  • TCAL7.1 - Al-based Alloys Database
  • MOBTI3.1 - Titanium and Ti/Al Mobility Database
  • TCFE8.2 - Steel and Fe-alloys Databases
  • TCFE 9.3 - Steel and Fe-alloys Databases

Read about the Databases
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