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July 2020

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Thermo-Calc 2020b Available Now

Thermo-Calc 2020b was released in June 2020 with four important thermophysical properties added to the aluminium, nickel and metal oxides databases, improvements to the Yield Strength Property Model, now also included in the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA), a kinetic model added to the Process Metallurgy Module and much more.

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Thermophysical Properties Added to Three New Databases

Viscosity, surface tension, thermal conductivity, electric resistivity and/or molar volume are added to the three new databases in the 2020b release, TCAL7, TCNI10 and TCOX10. This new property data is essential for simulating the mass and heat transfer in material manufacturing processes, for example casting and 3D printing, and will allow users to easily calculate viscosity, surface tension and thermal conductivity in variation with multicomponent compositions when phase diagrams, liquidus, solidus, solvus, density, volume, coefficient of thermal expansion, heat capacity and latent heat are obtained at the same time. Additional thermophysical properties will be added to databases with each release.

More about the Thermophysical Properties



New and Updated Databases Included in 2020b Release

Three new databases are available, which include new thermophysical properties, as well as additional improvements:
  • Al-based Alloys (TCAL7)
  • Ni-based Superalloys (TCNI10)
  • Metal Oxide Solutions (TCOX10)

Six updated databases are also available:
  • Steel and Fe-alloys Database (TCFE10.1)
  • High Entropy Alloy Database (TCHEA4.1)
  • Ti/TiAl-based Alloys Database (TCTI2.2)
  • Solder Alloy Solutions Database (TCSLD3.3)
  • Aqueous Solution Database (TCAQ3.1) 
  • Geochemical Environment Database (GCE2.4)

Learn about the New and Updated Databases



Yield Strength Property Model Improved and added to the Precipitation Module

The Yield Strength Model receives several improvements with the 2020b release that make it even more accurate, such as re-optimization of solid solution strengthening. The Model has also been added to the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) to allow the results of a precipitation simulation to be used as input for the Yield Strength Model. 

Read about the Yield Strenght Property Model


Process Metallurgy Module adds Kinetic Model

A model has been added to the Process Metallurgy Module that enables the simulation of kinetics during the steelmaking process, the EERZ model. This addition of this model, along with accompanying changes to the module, makes it possible to now simulate the entire steelmaking process from scrap to fully refined steel using the Module. Three new examples demonstrate kinetic simulations in the Module. Additionally, the TCOX10 TCS Metal Oxide Solutions Database has a new version, which is integral to the use of this new kinetic model.

Learn more about the Process Metallurgy Module

Advantages of Thermo-Calc for the Aerospace Industry Highlighted in “Heat Treat Today”

Adam Hope and Paul Mason from Thermo-Calc Software Inc are featured in an in an article recently published in “Heat Treat Today”. In the article, they discuss how modeling and simulation tools such as the Diffusion Module (DICTRA) and the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) in Thermo-Calc can support researchers and engineers in the aerospace industry. The article includes several application examples.

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Thermo-Calc Software Supports Customers during Confinement

Months into the corona crisis, working from home is a new reality for many of us. Thermo-Calc Software decided to offer complimentary licenses to existing customers to ensure that researchers working with our tools can continue to pursue their work. Many members of the Thermo-Calc community accepted the offer. Anders Engström, President & CEO of Thermo-Calc Software, promptly decided to support our community during the time of confinement, and reflects on this decision. 

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Anders Engström CEO

Anders Engström, President & CEO of Thermo-Calc Software  

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