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Publication Newsletter

May 2020

Welcome to the Publication Newsletter

Each month, dozens of peer reviewed papers are published using Thermo-Calc Software products. These papers demonstrate the wide variety of applications and interesting work that is being done with our tools. This is a sampling of some of the interesting papers which have been published in the last three months. We hope this is a useful resource for your work.   


Aluminium Alloys

The Microstructural Evolution of Rapidly Solidified Powder Aluminum 2024 During Thermal Processing
Caitlin Walde, Kyle Tsaknopoulos, Victor Champagne Jr. and Danielle Cote 
Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis  

Effects of Homogenization Conditions on the Microstructure Evolution of Aluminium Alloy EN AW 8006
Maja Vončina, Kristijan Kresnik, Darja Volšak and Jožef Medved

Solidification and heat treatment simulation for aluminum alloys with scandium addition through CALPHAD approach
Rajesh Jha and George S. Dulikravicha
Computational Materials Science  

High Entropy Alloys

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Low-Density Al20+xCr20-xMo20-yTi20V20+y Alloys
Uttam Bhandari, Congyan Zhang and Shizhong Yang 


The role of grain-boundary cementite in bainite formation in high-carbon steels
Ashwath M. Ravi, Jilt Sietsma and Maria J. Santofimia 
Scripta Materialia

Microstructure evolution of nanostructured ferritic alloy with and without Cr3C2 coated SiC at high temperatures
Kaustubh Bawane and Kathy Lu 
Material Science & Technology

The importance of steel chemistry and thermal history on the sensitization behavior in austenitic stainless steels: Experimental and modeling assessment
Satish Kolli, Vahid Javaheri, Jukka Kömia and David Porter
Materials Today Communications 

Effect of Titanium Addition on As-Cast Structure and High-Temperature Tensile Property of 20Cr-8Ni Stainless Steel for Heavy Castings
Qiming Wang, Guoguang Cheng and Yuyang Hou

Matrix design of a novel ductile cast iron modified by W and Al: A comparison between thermodynamic modeling and experimental data
Gülşah Aktaş Çelik, Maria-Ioanna T. Tzini, Şeyda Polat, Şaban Hakan Atapek and Gregory N. Haidemenopoulos
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Dissolution of δ-ferrite and its effect on mechanical properties of P92 steel welds
Nitin Sainiac, Rahul S. Mulika, Manas Mohan Mahapatra, Rangasayee Kannan, Nitin Kumar Sharma and Leijun Li
Materials Science and Engineering: A

Solution Annealing of Super Duplex Stainless Steel: Correlating Corrosion Performance with Grain Size and Phase-Specific Chemistry
Riya Mondal, A. Rajagopal, Sunil Kumar Bonagani, Aditya Prakash, D. Fuloria, P. V. Sivaprasad, G. Chai, V. Kain and I. Samajdar 
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Hardening Effects of In-Situ Aging for a Laser Welded Maraging Steel
Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima, Sheila Medeiros Carvalho and Rafael Humberto Mota de Siqueira
Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology


Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulation of the Brazing Process Applied to Ni-Base Superalloys
G. Roncallo, A. Costa, P. Guarnone, E. Vacchieri and G. Cacciamani 
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion

Other Materials

Failure and fracture analysis of a high-alloy Ni-Al bronze chain connector of a tube drawing machine
Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, Marianthi Bouzouni and George Pantazopoulos
Engineering Failure Analysis

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