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February 2020

Welcome to the Publication Newsletter

Each month, dozens of peer reviewed papers are published using Thermo-Calc Software products. These papers demonstrate the wide variety of applications and interesting work that is being done with our tools. The aim of this new quarterly newsletter is to share with our community a sampling of some of the interesting papers that have been published in the last three months. 

We hope that you will find this a useful resource for your own work. If you would like us to include a paper that you have recently published, please send us a link and we may include it next time. We can also consider slide decks from recent presentations, videos of talks, etc. Anything that may be of technical benefit to our broad user community. 

Aluminium Alloys

An integrated computational materials engineering-anchored closed-loop method for design of aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing
Saket Thapliyal, et al

Simultaneously enhanced strength and ductility of 6xxx Al alloys via manipulating meso-scale and nano-scale structures guided with phase equilibrium
Qiang Lu, et al
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 

Improvement of the high-pressure die casting alloy Al-5.7Mg-2.6Si-0.7Mn with Zn addition
O. Trudonoshyn, et al
Materials Characterization 

High Entropy Alloys

Structure and mechanical properties of an in situ refractory Al20Cr10Nb15Ti20V25Zr10 high entropy alloy composite
N. Yurchenko, et al
Materials Letters 


On the Role of Grain Size and Carbon Content on the Sensitization and Desensitization Behavior of 301 Austenitic Stainless Steel
Satish Kolli, et al

Room temperature oxide-film formation by oxygen dissolution induced surface directed spinodal decomposition in stainless steel
K.N. Sasidhar, et al
Corrosion Science 

Effect of cooling rate on the nucleation and growth of large TiCparticles in Ti-Mo steel
Tianci Chen, et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 

Challenges and opportunities in thermodynamic and kinetic modeling microalloyed HSLA steels using computational thermodynamics
A. Costa e Silva

Hot Deformation Characteristics of 18Cr-5Ni-4Cu-N Stainless Steel Using Constitutive Equation and Processing Map
Xiao-yang Fu, et al

Thermal and microstructural characterization of a novel ductile cast iron modified by aluminum addition
Gülşah Aktaş Çelik, et al
International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materials 


Elevated Temperature Microstructure Evolution of a Medium-Entropy CrCoNi Superalloy Containing Al,Ti.
C.E. Slone, et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 

Application of Diffusion Path Analysis to Understand the Mechanisms of Transient Liquid-Phase Bonding in the Ni-Si-B System
E.D. Moreau, et al
Metallurgical and Meterials Transactions 

Effect of sintering temperature and heat treatment on microstructure and properties of nickel-based superalloy
Yiwen Lei, et al
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 

Other Materials

Design of alternative binders for hard materials
M. de Nicolás, et al.
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 

Analysis of formation and growth of the σ phase in additively manufactured functionally graded materials
Lourdes D. Bobbio, et al.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 

In Situ Growth of CVD Graphene Directly on Dielectric Surface toward Application
Yibo Dong, et al.
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 

The Growth of Graphene on Ni–Cu Alloy Thin Films at a Low Temperature and Its Carbon Diffusion Mechanism
Yibo Dong, et al.
Nano Materials 

A Method of Nanoscale Analysis of the Initial Stages of Crystallization as Applied to a FINEMET Metallic Glass.
David R. Diercks, et al.
Materials Characterization 

Multiple morphologies and functionality of nanowires made from earth-abundant zinc phosphide
Simon Escobar Steinvall, et al.
Nanoscale Horizons 

Thermo-Calc Training
Thermo-Calc Software provide introductory training courses for Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA and TC-Python in both Stockholm, Sweden, and Pittsburgh, USA, multiple times per year.  
These courses provide a solid foundation for using the software tools, as well as "hands-on" experience filled with examples, insights and tips based on the years of practical experience of our instructors, which allow attendees to get up and running with the software much more quickly.
Some comments from attendees of our training courses include:
"Very good introductory course with lots of examples that make me confident in doing basic work and provided ideas for more advanced research."
"Very helpful overall. Would recommend to others."
"Overall this week of courses was well worth the time. I feel prepared to get busy with Thermo-Calc and DICTRA and TC-PRISMA. Thank you!"
Visit our website for a complete list of training courses and information on how to sign up, or email us at .
*All training is conducted in English.   
TC-Python Training
TC-Python is our popular Python-based API which allows users to openly couple Thermo-Calc calculations with other software. This two-day training course will introduce and teach TC-Python. 
Day one is for Thermo-Calc users who have little or no experience using Python and day two will teach about TC-Python. Courses  are being held in both Sweden and the USA
To learn more and register, visit Thermo-Calc Software Training    
Thermo-Calc exhibition booth
We attend many conferences, exhibits and seminars around the world where we usually have a booth and give one or more presentations. Come find us when we're in your area. 
San Diego, USA
Feb 23 - 27, 2020
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Mar 15 - 19, 2020
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Mar 23-24, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
Mar 25 - 26, 2020
Antwerp, Belgium
Mar 25 - 27, 2020 
Visit our website to see a complete list of upcoming events .      
User Group Meetings

Each year we host many user group meetings around the world where we share the latest updates in Thermo-Calc and users share some of the ground-breaking work they're doing.
Mar 26 - 27, 2020 
Additional user group meetings will be announced soon!
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