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Introducing Scheil with Back Diffusion in the Primary Phase

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December 2019

In this issue:

Thermo-Calc 2020a Available Now

Thermo-Calc 2020a was released in December 2019 and includes 8 new and updated databases, Scheil Solidification Simulations with Back Diffusion in the Primary Phase, a new general module for Yield Strength and more! 


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New and Updated Databases 

Thermo-Calc 2020a includes five new and three updated databases:  

  • Two new Steel and Fe- alloys databases: TCFE10 and MOBFE5 
  • Two new High Entropy alloys databases: TCHEA4 and MOBHEA2 
  • One new General Alloy Solutions database: SSOL7 
  • Two updated Nickel databases: TCNI9.1 and MOBNI5.1 
  • One updated Copper database: TCCU3.1

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Scheil with Back Diffusion in the Primary Phase

The Scheil calculator now gives users the option to calculate back diffusion in the primary phase using diffusion data from a mobility database. It also takes into account the cooling rate and the secondary dendrite arm spacing.

This new feature uses diffusion data, so it requires a mobility database. It is available in the graphical mode, console mode and TC-Python. A new example calculation showing this feature is available for each of these three modes, as well as a new video which shows how to set up a calculation in the Graphical mode.

Adiabatic Calculations added to the Process Metallurgy Module 

It is now possible to make adiabatic calculations in the Process Metallurgy Module, which assumes no heat and mass exchange with the environment during the equilibrium reaction.

A new example, PMET_03_Argon_Oxygen_Decarborization, is available which shows an adiabatic calculation for an AOD converter as a function of added gas amount and gas composition.

Several other updates have been made to the Process Metallurgy Module in the 2020a release.

Read about Adiabatic Calculations »



New General Model for Yield Strength

A new general model is added to the Property Model Calculator, the Yield Strength model.

This model considers four contributions to the overall yield stress of the material - intrinsic strength for the pure elements, grain boundary strength, solid solution strengthening and precipitation strengthening.

Three new examples are included with Thermo-Calc 2020a which show various applications of the new Yield Strength model.

Read about the Yield Strength Model »



New Calculation Type in TC-Python called Batch Equilibrium

A new calculation type has been added to TC-Python called Batch Equilibrium. This calculation type is similar to single equilibrium calculations, but it offers significant performance improvements when calculating a lot of fast single equilibria, which are systems with few or non-complicated phases.

A new example, T_14_Batch Equilibria, is included to demonstrate this new calculation type.

TC-Python has also received several performance improvements and bug fixes.

Read about the TC-Python Updates »



Viscosity of Metallic Liquid added to TCFE10 and TCHEA4

Viscosity of metallic liquid is added to two thermodynamic databases, TCFE10 and MOBHEA4. This is the first time the property viscosity is included in Thermo-Calc Software databases.

Viscosity can be plotted in Graphical mode, Console mode and in TC-Python.

Learn more in the 2020a Release Notes »



Year End Recap
Thank you to all of our users, employees and agents around the world for making 2019 another great year!
This year we released two new versions of Thermo-Calc, which included a total of 8 new databases and the introduction of an entirely new module, the Process Metallurgy Module. We also rebuilt a large part of the core engine of the software to support faster development of new features
In 2019 we held our first TC-Python training course, which was so successful that we will expand the training next year to hold it in the US, Sweden and Korea. 
We also saw continued growth in 2019, welcoming several new employees to both our US and Swedish offices. 
As always, a special thank you to those of you who participated in the annual customer satisfaction survey. Your responses continue to help us shape the future of the company and are very much appreciated.  
Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a very happy New Year from all of us in the Thermo-Calc Software team.  
Thermo-Calc Software provide introductory training courses for Thermo-Calc, DICTRA and TC-PRISMA in both Stockholm, Sweden, and Pittsburgh, USA, multiple times per year. Beginning this year, we will also offer a TC-Python training course
These courses provide a solid foundation for using the software tools, as well as "hands-on" experience filled with examples, insights and tips based on the years of practical experience of our instructors, which allow attendees to get up and running with the software much more quickly.
Some comments from attendees of our training courses include:
"Very good introductory course with lots of examples that make me confident in doing basic work and provided ideas for more advanced research."
"Very helpful overall. Would recommend to others."
"Overall this week of courses was well worth the time. I feel prepared to get busy with Thermo-Calc and DICTRA and TC-PRISMA. Thank you!"
Visit our website for a complete list of training courses and information on how to sign up, or email us at .
*All training is conducted in English.   
Thermo-Calc exhibition booth
We attend many conferences, exhibits and seminars around the world where we usually have a booth and give one or more presentation. Come find us when we're in your area. 
Ahmedabad, India
Dec 15-18, 2019
San Diego, CA, USA
Feb 23-27, 2020
Antwerp, Belgium
Mar 25-27, 2020
Palm Springs, USA
May 4-6, 2020
Cleveland, USA
May 4-7, 2020
Lile des Embiez, France
May 10-15, 2020
Tällberg, Sweden
May 24-29, 2020
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User Group Meetings

Each year we host many user group meetings around the world where we share the latest updates in Thermo-Calc and users share some of the ground-breaking work they're doing.
Aachen, Germany
March 26-27, 2020
Information coming soon 
The 2020 User Group Meeting schedule will be announced soon!
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