New Steel Model Library in Thermo-Calc 2019a!

Thermo-Calc 2019a Introduces the Steel Model Library!

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Vol 18 Iss 2

In this issue:

Thermo-Calc 2019a is Here!

Thermo-Calc 2019a was released in early December and includes:

  • New Steel Model Library with pre-configured martensite and pearlite models for use with the Property Model Calculator
  • Expanded TC-Python for ICME Integration
  • New Thermodynamic and Kinetic Databases for nickel-based, aluminum-based and titanium and titanium aluminide-based alloys
  • New Features in the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA)
  • Plot image improvements
  • New database GES model for effective bond energy formalism (EBEF)
  • And more!


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New Steel Model Library

Thermo-Calc 2019a introduces the Steel Model Library, a set of pre-built property models designed to help those working in the steel industry more easily make calculations with the Property Model Calculator.

Three models are included with the new Steel Model Library: Martensite Fractions, Martensite Temperatures and Pearlite. The library also includes three examples that correspond to the three new models. The Steel Model Library is available to all users who have TCFE9, MOBFE4 and a valid Maintenance and Support Subscription.


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TC-Python Expanded 

TC-Python has been expanded to include Diffusion module (DICTRA) calculations and Property Model calculations, giving it all the functionality available from within the Thermo-Calc Graphical Mode. TC-Python can also now be used from within Jupyter notebooks or comparable interactive Python-consoles.

TC-Python received several other updates in this release that improve its usability and expand its functionality.


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New Nickel, Titanium and Aluminium Databases

Thermo-Calc 2019a includes new thermodynamic and kinetic databases for nickel-based superalloys, titanium/titanium-aluminide-based alloys and aluminium-based alloys. 

The new nickel-based superalloys databases, TCNI9 and MOBNI5, both include three new elements (Ca, Mg and S), bringing them both to a 30 element framework, as well as many other additions.

The two new titanium/titanium-aluminide-based databases, TCTI2 and MOBTI3, both include four new elements (Ag, H, Pd and Pt), bringing each to a 27 element framework, as well as many other additions. 

The new aluminium-based alloys databases, TCAL6 and MOBAL5, now include Mo, bringing each to a 36 element framework, as well as other additions.


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New Features in the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA)

The Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) has received three new features in the 2019a release. It is now possible to pause a precipitation simulation, make adjustments and then continue with the simulation. A new General growth rate model is added, which is based on the Morral-Purdy model, and a new example, P_12, compares the Simplified, General and Advanced growth rate models for an aluminium zirconium alloys. Finally, two new plot variables are available, Precipitate composition and Number density distribution.


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Plot Image Improvements in 2019a

Thermo-Calc 2019a brings three useful image improvements:

  • Users can now chose to save higher quality images 
  • Console Mode users can now export images to JPG format using the DUMP_DIAGRAM command
  • A bug was fixed that was causing some SVG and PDF files to be covered by a black layer


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User Group Meeting in Austria

Thermo-Calc Software will be holding a user group meeting in Leoben, Austria, April 15-16, 2019. During this exciting two-day event we will share the latest additions to Thermo-Calc and hear presentations on some of the most recent work in the field.


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John Ågren Inducted into National Academy of Engineering

Congratulations to John Ågren, who has been inducted into the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Election into this prestigious group is considered to be one of the highest honours an engineer can receive in their career. Read about this award and Prof. Ågren's distinguished career at the link below.


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Thank You for a Great 2018
Merry Christmas, happy holidays and thank you to all of our users and those who follow us for making 2018 another record year!
We released three new versions of Thermo-Calc in 2018, including 11 new databases and the introduction of TC-Python. We also welcomed many new employees this year, growing by over 20% in terms of personnel, and we opened new offices in Zürich and Gothenburg to better serve our users.
A special thank you to those of you who filled out the Customer Satisfaction Survey in April, which helped us raise money for three charities, the Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship, Give Directly and the International Committee for the Red Cross.  
Thank you again for a wonderful year and we wish you all the best in 2019!
Thermo-Calc Training
Thermo-Calc Software provide introductory training courses for Thermo-Calc, DICTRA and TC-PRISMA in both Stockholm, Sweden, and Pittsburgh, USA, multiple times per year.
These courses provide a solid foundation for using the software tools, as well as "hands-on" experience filled with examples, insights and tips based on the years of practical experience of our instructors, which allow attendees to get up and running with the software much more quickly.
Some comments from attendees of our training courses include:
"Very good introductory course with lots of examples that make me confident in doing basic work and provided ideas for more advanced research."
"Very helpful overall. Would recommend to others."
"Overall this week of courses was well worth the time. I feel prepared to get busy with Thermo-Calc and DICTRA and TC-PRISMA. Thank you!"
Visit our website for a complete list of training courses and information on how to sign up, or email us at .
*All training is conducted in English.   
Thermo-Calc exhibition booth
We attend many conferences, exhibits and seminars around the world. Come find us when we're in your area! 
Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 24, 2019
Hume Rothery Seminar
Derby, UK
Feb 12-13, 2019
EMMC International Workshop 2019
Vienna, Austria
Feb 25-27, 2019
San Antonio, USA
Mar 10-14, 2019
HMnS 2019 (High Manganese Steel 2019)
Aachen, Germany
Apr 1-3, 2019
Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress
Treviso, Italy
Apr 9-13, 2019
Reno, USA
May 6-8, 2019
AISTech 2019
Pittsburgh, USA
May 6-9, 2019
Metal 2019
Brno, Czech, Republic
May 22-24, 2019
ITSC2019 (International Thermal Spray Conference)
Yokohama, Japan
May 26-29, 2019
Jun 2-7, 2019
Visit our website to see a complete list of upcoming events.    
User Group Meetings

Each year we host many user group meetings around the world where we share the latest updates in Thermo-Calc and users share some of the ground-breaking work they're doing.
Leoben, Austria
April 15-16, 2019
To learn more, email us at or monitor our list of upcoming events  
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