Thermo-Calc is getting a new type of calculation this November.
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Vol. 14 Iss. 3

In this issue:

New Type of Calculation and Other Updates

Thermo-Calc Software is on track to release our biannual update this November, and the release promises to have some exciting new features, including a New Type of Calculation with two new plot types, a New Plot Variable and several changes that will make the software more user friendly.

Click here to learn about some of the updates. Full details will be released with the software update in November.

The image to the right features the new heat map plot type, which is included in the November update of Thermo-Calc 4.1.

Free OECD-NEA Nuclear Database

In December 2014, the OECD-NEA will make available a free thermodynamic database applicable to nuclear materials.

This internationally recognised thermodynamic database was created in a joint project among 9 organisations, representing 6 member states, in an effort to ensure the ongoing safety and upkeep of current nuclear facilities and to support the development of Generation 4 reactors.

To learn about the importance of this internationally recognised database and how you can obtain it, click here.

You can also visit us at NuMat 2014 this October in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA, where we'd be happy to discuss the database.

Thermo-Calc Training in Russia

Thermo-Calc Software will offer a training course in Russia this autumn. The course will be held in Moscow on October 27 and 28 at the Thermochemistry of Materials Scientific Research Centre. The course will be taught in Russian by our collaboration partner MISIS and will cover Thermo-Calc 4.0 graphical and console modes.

To register, send your full name and address to Alexandra Khvan at before October 22, 2014.

For more information or to read about the course in Russian, click here.

The Softer Side of the Steel City

What better place to attend a materials science conference than the Steel City itself, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. This week, Pittsburgh will is playing host to MS&T14, Materials Science & Technology 2014.

The Steel City is also home to Thermo-Calc Software’s North American subsidiary, so we hope you’ll stop by our booth, #314, so we can warmly welcome you to our city.

If Pittsburgh’s industrial roots make you picture the grey gloominess of the industrial revolution, think again. This culture-rich metropolis has been named America’s most liveable city by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac.
Click here to read about how Pittsburgh transformed itself from a dangerously polluted industrial city into a thriving, high tech metropolis, and find out what this beautiful city has to offer visitors.

Historic Notes: Gibbs' Phase Rule

As materials scientists and engineers, Gibbs' Phase Rule is fundamental to the work we do. It is the basis of physical chemistry and transformed the discipline into a rigorous science. However, when Gibbs first proposed his phase rule, it went unnoticed for nearly 25 years.

Click here to read the history behind Gibbs' Phase Rule and learn why, after nearly 25 years, materials scientists finally noticed the importance of his discovery.

Historic Notes is a series of articles that explore the history of materials science, thermodynamics and other related fields through the scientists who made the discoveries. 


Thermo-Calc Software is Hiring

Now's your chance to join the Thermo-Calc Software team! We're currently looking to hire two new employees in our Stockholm, Sweden office: a Materials Scientist - CALPHAD Database Developer and a Specialist in Computational Materials Physics

Thermo-Calc Software offers competitive compensation and benefits as well as a stimulating work environment.

Click here to learn more about the positions and how to apply.



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Thermo-Calc Training

We offer training courses for our software in several countries. For a complete list of training courses, visit our website here.

United States, Southepointe, PA
Spring 2015
Courses: Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA

To sign up for the U.S. training or to receive more information, email Paul at

Sweden, Stockholm
Spring 2015
Courses: Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA

To sign up for the training in Sweden or to receive more information, email us at

*Training in Sweden is conducted in English.

Russia, Moscow
October 27 - 28, 2014
Courses: Thermo-Calc

To sign up for the training in Russia, send your full name and address to Alexandra Khvan at before October 22, 2014.

*Training in Russia is conducted in Russian.

Conferences, Exhibitions
& Seminars

We attend many conferences, exhibitions and seminars around the world. This autumn we will attend the events listed below. Come find us when we're in your area!

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
October 12-16, 2014

Haikou, China
October 24-27, 2014

NuMat 2014
Clearwater, FL, USA
October 27-30, 2014

19th International Corrosion Congress
Jeju, Korea
November 2-6, 2014

Thermo-Calc Software User Group Meeting
Seoul, Korea
November 7, 2014

Atlanta, GA, USA
November 11-13, 2014

Pune, India
November 12-15, 2014

Matériaux 2014
Montpellier, France
November 24-28, 2014

Visit our website to see a complete list of upcoming events.

At the Centre

Generally when you think of designing a new material or improving an already existing one, you imagine changing something you can touch, see and feel. But researchers at the Hero-m Centre at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, are thinking smaller, much smaller.

Researchers at the centre are approaching materials engineering from an atomic level, and the results have been impressive.

Click here to read about the Hero-m Centre and their ground-breaking research. 

Tips and Tricks

Thermo-Calc software allows you to set custom defaults for both graphical and console mode, so you can customise the program to your liking.

You can select default units, including temperature, volume, energy and more, as well plot appearance, including colours and fonts.

To change your defaults, select 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu in either graphical or console mode. Once you save your defaults, they will reappear each time you start the program.

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